dance, music, body wisdom from egypt

    Discover a superb collection of Egyptian music by tanz raum

    As producers we record and preserve treasures of Egyptian music. 

    For over 20 years, Caroline Chevat and Claudia Heinle have dedicated their work, time and finances to recording music. In doing so, they contribute to the survival of musical genres that are in danger of being lost.

    Ibrahim El Minyawi - percussion legend

    Ibrahim El Minyawi is featured on almost every tanz raum CD. He passed away in 2013. Over the years he opened many doors in Egypt to make these recordings possible. 

    A small independent music label has become a reference in the field.

    Famous Egyptian musicians, singers and composers have collaborated with tanz raum on numerous CDs. These recordings, mainly made in Cairo, aim to preserve and innovate. Many of the undisbutable masters who feature in them have died over the last decade. Their masterpieces can be found exclusively here in the tanz raum online shop.

    Discover a superb collection of Egyptian music.

    Up until now there has been an urgent need to preserve songs, melodies and particular musical genres that are traditionally passed on orally from generation to generation and are in danger of being lost for a multitude of social and political reasons. We hope that these recordings will help the musical traditions of Egypt to survive and even spread to new audiences beyond their cultural roots. This superb and diverse collection of popular and classical music by tanz raum is gradually being discovered and appreciated by a small but growing circle of music lovers, film makers, dancers and ethnomusicologists.