dance, music, body wisdom from egypt

Solo Daff

Caroline Chevat

Solo Daff was recorded in Chappelle Maristes in France in 2017. The sounds, vibration and rhythms Caroline Chevat evokes with her hands on the drumskin embrace the listener and cause the body to vibrate.  This music opens new doors for dance and invites us to travel deep into ourselves.

They happen. Not often. But they are there. Those moments when everything becomes interconnected. Palpable – perceptible – audible.  Exempt of anything superfluous. Inspiration, reduced to its essence: Truth, beauty, love. Sometimes a musician succeeds in transforming a concert into such a moment. And sometimes they even manage to capture this moment. Solo Daff is such a moment.

artistic direction & music: 
Caroline Chevat
total playing time: 67:32 mins
production: tanz raum 2017

Price: 22.00 €

Listen to the music and an interview with Caroline Chevat