dance, music, body wisdom from egypt

Spirit of the Heart 

Ruh El Fuad . Ibrahim El Minyawi 

The famous baladi singer Ruh el Fuad sings a strong emotive mawwaal, leading into a sweet baladi song and finally moving on to the epic song of the moulid.
The exquisite musicians come from the original school of baladi, the Egyptian Buena Vista Social Club, so to speak. The pieces include instrumental ashra baladi and traditional baladi songs. Another unique piece on this CD is an improvisation on arghul played by the legendary musicians Mustafa Abdelaziz and Ibrahim el Minyawi.

The music has been arranged for the choreographer Suraya Hilal and was recorded in Manchester at the Royal Northern Colledge of Music during a live performance in 1998. 


vocals / sagat:  Ruh El Fuad
tablah: Ibrahim El Minyawi
accordion: Tawfik Dawoud
flute, oud: Mohamad Sabry
sax:  Kamel Sheiha
arghul, dahulla: Mustafa Abdel Aziz

doff and mazhar: Osman Aly
total playing time: 77 mins
production: tanz raum label 1998

Price: 20.00 €