dance, music, body wisdom from egypt


Georges Kazazian

The composer and oud player Georges Kazazian is considered to be one of the most interesting innovators in Egyptian music. On Monaga he presents a composition based on Egyptian classical takht music. On this CD he approaches the classical repertoire in a completely novel way, at one and the same time traditional and modern.


composition: Georges Kazazian
oud: Georges Kazazian
qanun: Wael Fawzy
percussions: Ragab Sadek
violin: Shady Abdel Salam
violoncello: Khaled Youssef

contrabass: Mohamad Seif El Yazal
nay: Ayman Bergas

total playing time: 59 mins
production: tanz raum label 2001

Price: 22.00 €