dance, music, body wisdom from egypt

per ankh is our certification programme

per ankh is like swimming in a pool of knowledge. 

per ankh is the name of our modular certified courses in the arts of rhythm, movement and dance. Introduced in 2016 in Geneva, initially for the art of daff and art of combat,  per ankh aims to provide in-depth practice and training combined with theoretical knowledge from our on-going research. 

per ankh helps you develop your own temple of wisdom.

per ankh is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph. It means house of life - temple. per ankh was also a metaphor for the human body. The temple contained all wisdom in written and painted form and this wisdom was inseparably linked to the human body - a perfect name for our certified courses. 

What do you get?

⋅ 30h of practice and theory
⋅ per ankh protocol 
⋅ per ankh article
⋅ per ankh certificate
⋅ reference material

Who can benefit?

per ankh can be adapted to your individual experience and aspirations and supports your professional or personnel path wherever it may lead you.

per ankh 
is suited to anybody who works in or is interested in movement-related domains: contemporary arts, eastern practices, personel development, somatic practices, spiritual growth.  

What do you gain?

per ankh enables an in-depth training experience and the embodyment of knowledge. per ankh allows you to experiment a discipline for a longer period of time, to be guided and supported in this process. 

per ankh
 teaches ancient body skills trough modern concepts, from body to body, along with theoretical knowledge.

per ankh can travel to other countries!

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