dance, music, body wisdom from egypt

Al Masdar 

Mohamed Murad Metqali . Ibrahim El Minyawi

Al Masdar signifies the source. Old masters perform the traditional music of Upper Egypt in all its beauty. A selection of songs, mystical melodies, improvisations and pieces recorded for the first time pay tribute to the authentic sound of the ancient instruments, rababa, mizmar, ney, tabla baladi. The CD is accompanied by a 24-page booklet with photos and detailed articles on the music, the instruments, the musicians, their art and lives. 

artistic direction:
Ibrahim el Minyawi, Mohamed Murad Metqali, Caroline Chevat
percussion: Ibrahim el Minyawi, Jad al Rabb Mahmud, Bhaa Fadil, Ashraf Amin
mizar: Qenawi Bakhit Qenawi, Abd Ellah
rababa: Mohamed Murad Migally
kawala: Hussein Awame
vocals: El Hami Murad, Diaa Murad, Hany Murad
total playing time: 60 mins
production: tanz raum label 2007

Price: 25.00 €

The project Al Masdar

In 2007 Caroline Chevat, Claudia Heinle and Ibrahim El Minyawi traveled up to Luxor to meet Rais Mohamed Murad Metqali and his huge family. Within a few days the rehearsals where organized and the group could travel to Cairo to work in a recordin studio there. Al Masdar was born.


The photographer of these beautiful black and white shots is Caroline Chevat. She took them between the rehearsals in front of the traditional brig walls in the inner court yard of Mohamed Murad's house - between chicken, cows and horses. 

From left to right:

1. Mohamed Mourad is playing his instrument the rababa, over the head. Mohamed died in 2018. 

2. Ibrahim el Minyawi with Jad al Rabb Mahmud, two percussion legends, one playing the tabla and the other one the tabla baladi
3. Qenawi Bakhit Qenawi and Abd Ellah with their instruments the mizmar.

4. El Hami Murad singer and son of Mohamed Murad
5. Diaa Murad singer and son of Mohamed Murad

6.Jad al Rabb's hands on the tabla baladi hanging around his neck