dance, music, body wisdom from egypt


Cie tanz raum . Ibrahim El Minyawi 


The material for Akhou has its source in the spiritual and aesthetic world of Ancient Egypt. The hieroglyph Akhou depicts the sun’s dazzling light. Akhou deals with the journey of the light and the soul and the duality associated with it. We examine it from every angle, from the tiniest particle to the divine; cells, breath, space and the universe. These processes take us into another dimension of time, movement and consciousness.

artistic direction:
Cie tanz raum

choreography/dance: Caroline Chevat, Claudia Heinle, Karin Schemmann

percussion/composition: Ibrahim El Minyawi, Caroline Chevat

composition: Georges Kazazian, Murad Adli, Hussain Yahia

total playing time: 56 mins
production: tanz raum label 2011

Price: 30.00 €