dance, music, body wisdom from egypt

art of combat II

The art of combat is a form of dance using a stick. Its Egyptian name is tahtibThis Egyptian martial art is still practiced today and has links to Ancient Egypt. 


course description

  •  Experience and practise the Egyptian stick dance (tahtib) 
  •  How we use the stick and why
  •  Getting a feeling for the aesthetics of the stick
  •  Alignment, posture and moving with the stick in space
  •  Learning different steps, kicks and turns 
  •  Combining stepping and turning with the stick movement
  •  Fighting with the stick in pairs
  •  Understanding the symbolism of the stick
  •  Knowing the mythological story behind the fight

course includes

  •  30h practice
  •  per ankh protocol
  •  per ankh certificate 
  •  per ankh article
  •  reference material

teaching languages

English, French, German

caroline chevat

Caroline Chevat acquired her knowledge in this discipline from Ibrahim El Minyawi and  Yahia Abdel Alim, artistic director, male dancer and choreographer at the Cultural Departement in El Minya (Egypt). Caroline holds a certificate issued by the Arab Republic of Egypt. 

who can benefit

The art of combat addresses those who are attracted to the stick, martial arts, ancient Egyptian mythology - regardless of origin, age or gender.