dance, music, body wisdom from egypt

art of daff I

The daff is a round frame drum traditionally used in rituals and sacred contexts. 

The vibrations, sounds and rhythms emerging from the drum skin of this instrument are transforming in nature.

course description

  •  Discover and practice Egyptian rhythms on the daff
  •  Integrate your instrument with your body

  •  Create different sounds 
and learn the main techniques
  •  Keep a rhythm for a short time
  •  Be able to enter and leave a rhythm
  •  Learn how rhythm is constructed

  •  Be able to identify rhythms and to know their name
  •  Be able to play a rhythm together with the group 
  •  Improvise a short piece

course includes

  •  30h practice
  •  per ankh protocol
  •  per ankh certificate 

caroline chevat

Caroline Chevat gained her knowledge in this discipline from Ibrahim El Minyawi, an internationally acknowledged Egyptian percussion master. 

You can listen to Caroline Chevat´s compositions, improvisations and percussion skills on the CD Solo Daff .


teaching languages

English, French, German

who can benefit

The art of daff addresses those who are attracted to rhythm regardless of origin, age and gender.


course dates


07 September 2019
05 October 2019
02 November 2019
07 December 2019
11 January 2020

 01 February 2020

 07 March 2020

 04 April 2020

 02 Mai 2020

 06 June 2020




840 CHF