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31 July - 5 August  

dance artists

claudia heinle
caroline chevat

August Dance is an international dance event hosted by company tanz raum, featuring dance, rhythm, yoga, and meditation from Egypt as well as modern bodymind techniques.

This event offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with artists from the company, including Caroline Chevat and Claudia Heinle, as well as the Egyptian musicians Mourad Adli and Amir Ezzat.

Together, we will embark on a journey to explore the subject of transformation and death through the creation of a unique performance to be showcased at Phönix Theatre, a small but well-known contemporary dance theatre in Steckborn, Switzerland.

To make this possible, we have created an interactive installation with video projections inspired by the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. We will use this installation as a space for training, exchange, experimentation, and as stage design.

Throughout this experience, we will explore the elements that support the creative process, and learn how to overcome obstacles in order to reach a state of flow. Our team of artists, dancers, and musicians will provide support and guidance during this week-long endeavor. Together, we will work towards our final goal, culminating in a performance on the last day.

Whether you're a professional or a beginner, august dance welcomes all who are passionate about dance and creativity. Join us for a week of exploration, collaboration, and inspiration.


caroline chevat 

amir ezzat 
mourad adli 

artist & teachers

The artists and teachers are looking forward to share with you their wealth of knowledge in different fields: Egyptian Dance, Egyptian Yoga, Egyptian Percussion, Egyptian Sufi Dance, Egyptian Combat Dance, Oriental Music Theorie, Meditation, Performance, Dance History, Dance Ritual, Body Knowledge, Dance Anatomy.

phönix theatre 

phönix theatre 

This year, the Summer Dance event will take place in the unique ambiance of the Phönix Theater in Steckborn. Steckborn is a tiny town with a population of 4000. The theater hosts renowned dance companies and is a well-known destination for contemporary dance enthusiasts in the region. It is situated on the banks of the Rhine River, providing an enchanting setting for creativity, just an hour's drive from Zurich.


Zurich Airport (CH)


6 full days 800 CHF/€ 

open to everybody!

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