dance, music, body wisdom from egypt


One musician, one frame drum, and one dancer. Caroline Chevat creates a sacred atmosphere with her sounds, vibrations and rhythms, the dancer co-creates waves of vibrations and movements. Ajourney through space and time. 

artistic direction cie tanz raum

idea Caroline Chevat

dance Claudia Heinle, Ainhoa Izagirre

composition Caroline Chevat
Caroline Chevat

length 50 mins

costumes Anni Mewes, Claudia Heinle
photos Bettina Araya

To book Cie tanz raum

press «They happen. Not often. But they are there. Those magical moments when everything becomes interconnected. Palpable – perceptible – audible. Exempt of anything superfluous. Inspiration, reduced to its essence: Truth, beauty, love. Sometimes, a musician succeeds in transforming a concert into such a moment. And sometimes they even manage to capture this moment. Solo Daff is such a moment.» 

The original music was recorded inside Chapelle des Marists (FR) in 2017.
As a solo concert it is suitable for churches, stages or outdoor spaces with stunning acoustics.
As a music and dance performance it has been premiered in the Crypta of Constance Cathedral  (GER) in 2019 with the support of the City of Constance. Other performances took place in Reformierte Kirche Hombrechtikon (CH), Le Corbusier Church (FRA).

The music is available on CD
solo daff

A film clip can be viewed on YouTube

An interview can be viewed on vimeo