dance, music, body wisdom from egypt

dance for peace

In January 2019, cie tanz raum performed at Garage Theatre in Alexandria: Caroline Chevat (CH/FR) and Claudia Heinle (CH/FR) with musicians Amir Ezzat and Murad Adli from Egypt. 

The work was more than well received by the Egyptian audience. Right after performing, artists and audience met for a discussion. The audience interest was so immense that everybody remained in the theatre for an hour. The audience was impressed by how a Swiss dance company in a novel and contemporary way interpreted their dance language. We talked about dance and the human body, in relation to history, society, gender, and religion. The public urged us to find a possibility to come back to Egypt and to support and empower those who care about their dance heritage and to share with them the knowledge from more than 25 years of research and creation. Next day, our way back to Europe, the idea popped up to create an intercultural performance project in answer to their suggestion. This is how the intercultural performance project SALAM was born.


dance Caroline Chevat, Claudia Heinle
improvisations Mourad Adli, Amir Ezzat, Caroline Chevat
live music Mourad Adli, Amir Ezzat, Caroline Chevat
light & sound JCC Technical Team
production CIE TANZ RAUM & JCC
filmed at Garage Theatre, Jesuit Cultural Center, Egypt
supported by JCC and private sponsors.