dance, music, body wisdom from egypt


Ibrahim El Minyawi . Al Sheik Taha . Bashir Abdel Aal

Jewels is a live recording of selected pieces of art music written for the great singer Um Kulthoum, as well as pieces by Mohammed Abdel Wahab and Farid El Altrache. The classical music on this CD was aranged for the choreographer Suraya Hilal and also contains mesmerizing baladi pieces by Sheik Taha as well and an exciting solo tablah by Ibrahim el Minyawi. This CD is a jewel with its ten diverse pieces arranged for dance, classical music, baladi music, flute solo and tablah soli.


tablah: Ibrahim El Minyawi
qanun: Aziz El Sayyed
ney: Bashir Abdel Aal
accordeon: Al Sheik Taha
kamangah: Bahig Ramzy
oud: Ali Srour
contra bass: Hamid Mustapha
req: Samir Bin Ya Amin
daff: Farouk el Safi, Issam Al Matrawi
total playing time:  72 mins

production: tanz raum 2001

Price: 20.00 €