dance, music, body wisdom from egypt

lose and find yourself in rhythm

Caroline's percussion course for the frame drum (daff) not only introduces you to an exquisite traditional Egyptian drum technique, but encourages you to practice as much as you need to improve your sense of rhythm, the feel for your instrument, and your knowledge of Egyptian rhythms. In the videos, there is no talking at all, but from the very beginning you start to beat the drum and do not stop until the workshop ends. This are more than just online classes. The material and videos we have put together will help you to practice and learn intensely in a one-to-one teaching situation. But that's not all: They will enable you to become part of a creative process, as if you are taking part in a ritual or performance. But maybe the best thing about it is the chance to team up with an Egyptian participant. For every online course you buy, we offer one Egyptian participant the chance to have access to the courses as well. 


In the video "hands", you practice your drum technique and get the best sound out of your instrument. Combine dum, tak, sak in different ways. Listen to, observe, and reproduce

Caroline's exquisite technique and the beauty of sound. 


In the video "nature" you discover more possibilities and combinations for dumtaksak, and improve your sense of rhythm. 


In this video you practice two main Egyptian rhythms: 

maqsoum and saidi. You learn to keep these rhythms going for a long time.


In this video you play another rhythm: rumba.
You learn and practice to keep this rhythm going for at least five minutes.


In this special workshop, you meet Caroline and Claudia and you have the possibility to turn your home into a theatre and perform with them. For 50 mins you will see how rhythm and dance work together. The focus will be on trance rhythms - particularly the zar rhythm.

this package includes

  • two private online meetings with your teacher 
  • a personalized course outline 
  • the video material 
  • access to the videos for one year

why this makes sense

  • continue on your path 
  • have your teacher with you at home 
  • learn in performative settings 
  • practice whenever you feel like practicing
  • learn at your own pace
  • cultivate the beauty of the present moment
  • feel connected and inspired from within
  • team up with Egypt - together we are strong

video material

  • enjoy excellent sound and picture quality
  • in each video Caroline takes you to another place 


  • € 310.- 

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